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How to play Yellow by Coldplay

SB-124 • Yellow by Coldplay

The Songbook Series

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

What a huge song! I was amazed that when I volunteered in Ghana back in 2007 that almost everyone knew this song - it really reached people all over the world in a way that only music can. I had this little guitar and was trying to get a bunch of kids singing xmas songs and stuff thinking they'd know them, when one of them started singing Yellow and they all joined in! They didn't speak English well enough to make sense of any of it and most of the words were just sounds, but it somehow connected. Music is amazing.

Anyway. Playing this song is pretty easy once you sus out the interesting tuning, sounds great once you get that right :) Hope you dig it.


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Justinguitar Beginners Songbook

The Justinguitar Pop Songbook (BOOK, yes a proper paper book!!)

50 great songs, arranged for progressing guitar players. 15 songs aimed for beginner's consolidation, 15 that introduce barre chords, 15 that add in new spices (interesting chords, re-tuning, complex rhythms) and 5 full TAB songs. Perfect for guitarists wanting to reach beyond beginner material.

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