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RT-000 • Recording Techniques Index on Recording Techniques

In the studio or at home, it's fun and addictive

There have been many questions on the forum about recording and studio techniques, software and all that so I am starting off a new section all about studio techniques that I have learned over the last 20 years. I started recording when things were tape based and have gone from working on a little Tascam 4 track a Pro Tools HD rig that I have in my studio now. I'm no expert sound engineer, but I know what is going on and think that I can help you guys get started in recording, it's loads of fun, strangely addictive, and will also help your playing a lot, because you hear what you really sound like!

I am going to add to this section significantly when I finish recording my album - with lots of tips on different elements, and will also be inviting some good industry friends to contribute article on areas that I think will benefit from expert advice.

Over the last 10 years I have used both Logic and Pro Tools and have lots of tips to share on both platforms, though these days I much prefer Pro Tools for audio editing, Logic having far better MIDI editing facilities and loads more Plug-Ins, but more on that later...

It's going to be a little slow to start with, because I am right in the middle of recording my album, but it's a good thing to be working on when my ears need a break or my hand is tired from over practice! So bear with me while I flesh out this new area of the site...

I am putting in all the lessons that I plan here that are not written yet, because it helps me plan the area well, but only those with the linked title are active, the rest are on my to do list. I have also got some well cool guest writers lined up to share some of their secrets on recording!

You can leave further suggested topics in the forum.

RT-521 • The album recording blog for my album Small Town Eyes
Might be interesting for someone... maybe. 

First steps for recording

There are many things that you will need to be able to record yourself well. It is a bit of an endless well that you can throw money in and it never fills up! It can get pretty expensive, but it doesn't need to be. This section will be for people starting out...

RT-001 • Beginners Recording Guide
In this article I will go through the basic steps of recording and offer advice for someone who is interested in recording themselves.

RT-002 • Audio Editing Software
There are many software options when you get into recording, so in this lesson I will talk a bit about the pro's and con's of the systems I have used: Pro-Tools, Logic and Garage Band. There are many more of course, but not that I have any experience with.

RT-003 • Audio Interface
Probably the first purchase you will need to make to get into recording yourself, here are some hints about buying one and an explanation of the common terms that you will see.

RT-004 • Microphone Guide
There are many different types of microphones, and here I will tell you a bit about which ones are good for what and some great mics that you can get on a budget. 


Equipment in the studio

What mic should I buy? What compressor is good and why do I need one? What is a pre-amp? In this section I will start at the source and go through to the virtual tape.

RT-101 • Types of Microphones and their applications

RT-102 • Cables and connections (balanced vs unbalanced, phantom power etc.)

RT-102 • Pre-amps and how to use them

RT-103 • Compression and Limiting

RT-104 • EQ Basics

RT-105 •

Recording Techniques

In this section I will cover some of the ways that I record things, notes on compression settings and stuff like that.

RT-201 • Recording Acoustic Guitars
In this article I go through some tips for recording acoustic guitars, mic placement, compression and EQ.

RT-202 • Recording Electric Guitars (Guest teacher: Cesar Gimeno Lavin)
The producer of my album Small Town Eyes agreed to share with you all some tips about recording electric guitars and specifically microphone placement. Well worth a read if you are recording your amp (which you should be!).

RT-203 • Recording Vocals

RT-204 • Recording Bass Guitar