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JS-000 • Justin Sandercoe's Music

Justin's Music Home Page

I make my own music too...

I did have all this stuff on another 'artist' web site, but me the teacher and me the 'artist' are the same thing, and so I decided to move all those pages over here - though my band has it's own site.


My band is called We Came As Strangers and we released our first record in May 2013. It's a proper band in that we all write the songs and share any treasure, though it's mostly about us having a great time and making music we like, no 'trying to be' allowed.

The band is Ellem on vocals (and I sing a bit too!), Owen Thomas on keys and production and the awesome-o Tim Harries on bass. On the first record we had drummer Tom Meadows in too but as a session cat not a writer member...

The CD is available on our store (as is the TAB book) and also on iTunes.



Other stuff

Well to be honest I've not had time to go through all these pages and check them and get them up to date but I will shortly!!

JS-100 • Listen To Justin's Songs
Links to audio files of my material on Soundcloud - old stuff mostly from 1st album.

JS-200 • Learn Justin's Music
I have made tabs and chord charts for many of my songs, some even have full in depth video lessons - again mostly first album.

JS-300 • Watch Justin's Videos
Video's of me playing my own stuff and also with other artists - Katie Melua, Carla Bruni etc.

JS-500 • Justin's Pictures
Live pictures and from my studio recording sessions.

JS-600 • Justin's Music Links
Links to my band, studios and people I dig.

JS-700 • Justin In The Press
Press clipppings and stuff like that, needs updating like the rest of this section!