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JA-027 • II-V-I Chord Sequences

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The II V I chord sequence is by far the most common chord sequence in jazz so you need to learn some cool ways of playing it.

Because the V chord is functioning (going to the I) you can play add altered extensions to it.

There are thousands of ways of playing this sequence and in this lesson I'll show you some of the most common and some that I like, and also explain a little about voice leading and chord tone movement.

Video Lesson

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Chord choices:

II - Dmin, Dmin7, Dmin6, Dmin9, Dmin11, Dmin13

V - G7, G9, G11, G13, plus b9 #9 b5 #5

I - Cmaj7, Cmaj9, Cmaj11, Cmaj13

You can use any of the above chords, and you should experiment with how you put them together.

Have fun!





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