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How to play That'll Be The Day by Buddy Holly

BS-510 • That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly

The Justinguitar.com Beginner's Songbook

Give me all your Turtle Dovin'... 

This was one of my all time favourite tunes in my teens, got a lot of vibe and it was one of the first songs I got sounding just like the record (one one of my buddies introduced me to Mr. Capo).

Once you finished the Beginners Course and have mastered the easy version, re-visit this song and see if you can get it just like the recorded version with the capo up on 5. The solo is pretty much minor pentatonic blues licks (most of which you'll find on the Blues Lead Guitar Course!) with a bit of shuffle chunka chunka thrown in too!

I'm sure you'll enjoy playing it as much as I did!

Song Video


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